Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cafe Natasha's on South Grand

A few weeks back I had both my "boys" with me (OK, so they're supposed to be adults but I'll never accept it) which was a little odd since Ryan usually won't accompany us on our culinary adventures. He did protest being dragged into Cafe Natasha's, I think he was expecting St Louis Bread Company.
We all ordered Gyros since I was a bit low on funds. They were.... well, they were... awesome, delicious, really good and all that. Even Ryan liked his! Make sure you spring for the extra dollar for the feta cheese it makes a good meal perfect. Next time I'm going to try one of the kabobs, I was watching the waitress deliver them to other tables and they really looked good, too.
For menu, directions and hours: Cafe Natasha's

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