Monday, September 14, 2009

The Magic House

Two years ago I took my youngest grandson, Tyler to The Magic House and we had a blast. I took these pictures with my cell phone so they are not as clear as I would like but it gives you an idea. The first two were taken in the "restaurant" where the children can pretend to be cooks, cashiers and waitresses. This and the "grocery store" at the bottom were Tyler's favorites!

For hours and directions visit their site:

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  1. As fun as tha Magic House is, have you been to the City Museum?????? It's uptown(downtown? that always escapes me) about a mile from the Arch. Has a bus and an airplane on the roof. It cost 12.00 to get in plus 5.00 extra for roof and 5.00 extra more for world aquarium.. not having been there before we opted for just the 12.00 was definitely enough for the first time there. BUT you cannot be paranoid about your kids/grandkids disappearing down tunnels in the floor and ceiling though. My son fit through some of them with his son, but being 6'4" he backed out of a few too, saying they were intended for short people. Next time I'll pay for the roof if he(grandson)wants to go there. But there is soooo much to do even without going to the top. I love all the detail on the gates, walls, floors, every surface, "MUSEUM" is rather a misnomer. Yea, it does have old stuff but it's been all re-worked into this fantasy "hands-on" artist's playyard, with free childrens' circus perfomances too.